Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas re-decoration challenge 2010??

Last Christmas I decided to buy some new holiday decor for my mantel.  Much of what I have has been given to me....since I'm generally not a big shopper and all.  Particularly for stuff that only stays up 3 weeks out of the year.

But the problem with not putting your own stamp on it is that everything is a hodgepodge and doesn't really speak to our home, the feel of it, the style of who we are.  (I say this as if we have a style.)

Anyway, so here is the before.  And here is the after.

When I was shopping for some Halloween decorations last month, I happened upon some really cute Christmas decorations, and I am now debating whether I want to re-do my decor for my built-in bookcases.

I am also toying with the idea of doing a themed Christmas tree upstairs...although I don't really know what the theme would be.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are looking for "this" kind of suggestion, but I recommend waiting and shopping post holidays for clearance deals--from one frugal lady to another. Not a very fun suggestion. FYI--I could just as easily say, go for it! Holiday decorating can be fun and the kids get a kick out of it. They are only young for such a short time, so why wait. Schizophrenic enough for you?


Keri said...

I don't have any suggestions, but I have to ask you: Aren't you happy that you have a lovely mantel setting to pull out of a box and put up this year? I know I am! :-)