Monday, November 8, 2010

Our end of October/early November life in photos

The last couple of weeks have been a blur with ear tube surgery, cold viruses, and Halloween festivities.

First up, my MOMS Club chapter visited a nearby construction site.  The boys in the group left an impression on the crew (see below).  

G in his hard hat that the construction company gave to each of the kids.

 M was happy to sidewinder crawl all over the asphalt.  

 King of the mountain.  

The impression the boys left on the site.  

The workers who removed the footprints from the new cement.  

 Making the curbs.  

Then there was N's Halloween party at school.

And there was the pumpkin carving tradition....

N designed her pumpkin: a vampire.
Daddy used her blueprint.

N designed G's pumpkin--Frankenstein.
And Daddy's results (with neck bolts included). 

Our local town had a trick-or-treat event, which we attended.  

The "real" McQueen had some words with his pit crew guy.  

Of course, there was Halloween night for even more trick-or-treating.

And then back to normal life just rolling on.......
M celebrating new tubes, his 4th molar, and his 13-month-birthday.  

 And the funny things the kids say, like G telling us, "Batman wears blue diapers."

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Keri said...

I love the idea of the playgroup trip to the construction site. So nice that the workers were open to having a bunch of kids running around their work area!

Great Halloween photo of you and the kids, too!