Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An endless list of things to do

Maybe, just maybe, if I download everything from my brain onto my blog that needs to get done I will do it.

(My friend G, who is also blogging for NaBloPoMo, thought her posts were dull.  Top this baby!) ;)

Now that I have the office closet completely organized, and the office almost back to normal, I need to do the really hard stuff, which is take the odds & ends out of here.  I can't shove anything else into my recycling bin so I have to wait until it gets picked up tomorrow before loading her up yet again.

1. Put kids' bonds in safe deposit box.

2. Buy N another savings bond.

3. Take electronic recycling to electronic recycling center.

4. Try to sell old LPs, a couple books and some VHS tapes at Half-Price books.  (Oh, and they can recycle the old VHS tapes that have television shows taped on them.  I almost squealed when I called to ask if they knew of how to recycle them locally and they said, "We do it.")

5. Call organization to pick up donations, including rolling chair.

6. Buy a new day planner.  (I have about 76 doctor reminder cards taped into the back of my 2011 planner is starting to look as lumpy as George Costanza's wallet.)

7.  Finish writing articles for local mag.

8.  Finish Christmas shopping.

The worst thing I still need to do is organize 2 small little piles of whatnot in the office.  I am all gung-ho until I just have the last leg of the race to complete.  And then I run out of steam.

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Keri said...

You run circles around me in the area of list-making, organization, and such. I feel like a total slug in that area when I read a post like this.