Friday, May 4, 2012


Sometimes life needs to take precedence over online decompression.  I'll not be publishing for awhile.    

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I learn new things every day

Just this week I have learned so much----

1. I learned that I may not have the strength to make it through M's Throttling Threes since I feel like I only came out of G's a minute and a half ago.  At 2.5, M is already declaring his insanity loud and clear, throwing temper tantrums at the slightest provocation.  I am effing tired of this shit.

2. I learned (or realized) that in 18 months I will have 5 hours a week of JUST ME TIME.  When I can grocery shop alone or get my hair done.  Or pee by myself.

3. I learned that when a husband says, "I want to spend more time together," it does not mean he wants to go see cool concerts at a local ampitheater.  "I want to spend more time together" appears to be code for,  "I want more sex."  You'd think after nearly 15 years of marriage, I'd be better able to understand the lingo.

4. I learned that I have zero engineering skills since the float I helped N make for her school project collapsed into a heap of rubble about 20 seconds into her pulling it down the school hallway.  (Although I would be willing to bet user error was part of the problem too.)

5.  I learned that the reason I like doing projects around the house, like painting a bathroom or making a photo display out of baby crib wiring,  is because they have a definite BEGINNING and END, unlike everything else I do in this SAHM gig.  Laundry never ends.  Dusting never ends.  Kids needing food or diaper changes or help wiping never ends.  Picking up toys never ends.  (Of course, I know it will end eventually.....but at too far a place in the future for me to be able to see it.)

I'll be a damn genius with a brain the size of Neptune if I live to be 80, what with all this knowledge I'm gaining every day.  

How long it takes my goose to cook

Up at 6:30 am today.
By 8:15---N, G, and M dressed, fed and ready to go.  Oh, yeah, me too, although the "ready to go" part is debatable.  Beds made.
Homemade refried beans recipe in the crockpot.

9:00--fitness class.
10:15--taking boys to play with friends at indoor soccer gym.
11:15--at Kroger with both boys to pick up a gallon of milk (which I forgot), frozen onions (forgot those too), sliced cheese, whole wheat flour, bananas, salad dressing, unsweetened coconut.  The boys demanded a "car" cart and insisted on being buckled in.  We weren't 30 feet into the store before they were out.  Of course, M pitched a lovely fit when I returned the car cart and got one that one is actually able to push with some ease.
12:00--home, lunches fixed and being eaten.  Laundry load 1 of 2 in the washer.

1:15-- both boys napping.  Ironing D's work clothes.  Sweep kitchen and hallway.  Shake laundry room rugs and sweep the floor.  Fold laundry.  Add load 2 to the washing machine.  Call my mom to catch up.  Get the mail.

3:30-- G up from nap.  Doing activity book together on the couch.
3:40-- Wake up M and spend next 20 minutes attempting to get him to stop looking at the ants and get in the car, get buckled so we can pick up N.
4:04 -- In car pool line.
4:18-- At bank to drop off birthday card to my brother and give him coloring books for my niece.

4:40 -- Home again, giving snacks to kids.  Folding last batch of laundry.
5:15-- Picking strawberries from my small patch.  Make bubble pool for the boys.  Neighbor's grandkids come over.  Next hour and a half spent walking from our yard to neighbor's to keep an eye on the kids.
7:05 -- D home.  Putting supper on the table.
7:40 -- Practicing piano with N.
8:10 -- Attempting to wrestle/encourage/induce/bribe kids to get pajamas on, empty their bladders and brush teeth.
8:35 -- Reading with N.
8:55 -- Nursing M, rocking both boys, singing our songs.

9:15 -- My head just about pops off my body when G insists on going potty (even though he refused to a short time ago).  Aside from general annoyingness of him refusing to pee an hour ago and NOW wanting to go, I am also PMSing AND generally fucking tired after being awake for almost 15 hours, which doesn't make it right that I completely lost my temper and was truly, truly a Monster Mama.

9:25 -- Apologized to G after calling in Daddy to give me a few minutes to cool down and prevent me from ramming G's head into the tub surround.  Laid with him in his bed.  Wiped his tears.  Apologized again.  Told him happy things he could think about from this week.

9:32 -- Awash in mommy guilt for the remainder of the evening.