Friday, September 30, 2011

A visit to the aquarium

Every fall when N has a day or two off from school, we like to take a short family day-trip.  This year we decided to go to the nearest aquarium, which we haven't visited since N was about 2 years old.  Just as during our visit to Orlando, FL this summer, I found myself thinking, "The last time I was here I only had 1 kid."

G and N both touched crabs and starfish.

With G, I am becoming increasingly knowledgable about bugs and scorpions and all sorts of animals that N never, ever took an interest in.  It is kinda fun to be immersed in all things "typically boy."

WOW!!!  A scorpion.

Of course we had to stop and feed the lorikeets even though this is one of the things we can do at our local zoo.  It reminds me of when we visit the zoo and the kids go nuts when they see a squirrel.  

I think the kids had fun.  The food in the shark cafe was the typical sucky kind one finds at zoos, and the tour ended at the gift shop which is brilliant for marketers and one of a handful of a parent's worst nightmare.

N and G also touched sharks.  

If only this plexiglass wasn't here we could actually get our hands on that turtle.

They all really liked the frog exhibit area.  

Unfortunately the weather was quite cool and cloudy so we weren't able to walk around the neat waterfront area.  Of course after 3+ hours in the aquarium, M was cooked, G was losing steam and N was post "I want a stuffed animal" bleary-eyed from the gift shop.  So even if it had been gorgeous outside, D and I probably would have made a beeline for the car anyway to get ourselves home.

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