Monday, September 26, 2011

A roarin' good 4th birthday

I am saving G's "big" dinosaur cake (that will hopefully look something like this although not nearly as pretty) for his and M's shared "big family" party in two weeks, so for his actual birthday I did a small dinosaur cake.  The cakes came out wonky from the pans, and I am a messy-ass cake decorator, but kids totally don't give a darn.  It's all about effort as far as they're concerned.  

Thanks to a friend's suggestion (you rock, BB!) to use Rice Krispy treats for my volcano (like the Cake Boss does) and my idea to use Whoppers as dinosaur turds, as well as a 40% off coupon at Michael's for the actual dinosaur, I think it came out pretty ok.  Certainly stellar enough to excite a brand new 4-year-old!

His grin says it all.  Dang, my momma makes a very ugly and yet terribly cool birthday cake!

G had been bugging me all day to open his gifts, so as soon as D got home and changed his clothes, G tore into his presents.  

Wearing the birthday hat from preschool.  

Now that is a happy boy!

M was off playing with his penis or something when this picture was being taken (and when all the gifts were being opened.  Two-year-olds so don't get into birthdays.)

Since N ate a big sandwich for her after school snack and G ate a banana at 5:30, I figured they would be perfectly content to just have cake and ice cream for supper.  N did eat a banana, and M ate some mandarin oranges, so their nutritional needs weren't completely ignored.

After dinner, G wanted to play with his daddy so he and D did puzzles and played dinosaurs, while N read me a book for her puppet project and M hit me in the head with balloons.

Before bed, I gave G birthday hugs and spankins and a pinch to grow an inch.  He said, "I four all day now."

Yes, you are, son.  

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