Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting my craft groove on.....

I love, love, love fall.
Always have.

One of my favorite memories from childhood is walking up my street during fall, around dusk.  The street was tree-lined.  Birds were gathering in the tops of the branches, squawking and preparing to head up into the sky in a erratic swarm of feathers.

D and I were married in the fall because it is my favorite season.

I could keep Halloween decorations up for months and months, but I get sick to death of Christmas decorations after 3 weeks.

I have had the desire lately to either update some of my well-worn Halloween outdoor decorations or make new ones based on ideas I've gotten at that most addictive of stores:  Michael's.

I have seen pumpkin towers at craft stores and think they look really neat.  By now, they are probably completely outdated but I finally decided to spend the $20 for materials and make myself a small one for my front porch.

Being the frugal freak I am, I made it useful for Halloween AND Thanksgiving (because then I've only spent $10 per season).

This is the Halloween side, obviously, but when you turn this baby around....

there is the Thanksgiving side.  (The middle pumpkin says "Beauty.")

At Michael's, I saw a wood/metal sign that said "A Mean Witch and Her Little Monsters Live Here."  I thought it was really cute, but it was $14.99.  Plus, I already have a Halloween wreath for my front door that I like.

Dilemmas, dilemmas.

So, I decided to create my own addition to my wreath using a small piece of plywood I bought for $.49 and a wooden witch's hat for $.69.  (I already had the Woodcraft marker at home.)

This is my wreath before.

This is what I made with paint and my cheap purchases.  I made D into the smelly ogre so as not to exclude him from the Halloween festivities.

This is the wreath now thanks to a little hot glue.

I like doing little crafty updates like this.  It gives me something to do when the boys are both napping since I can't get into anything I'd REALLY like to paint the family room and kitchen.  


Shelby said...

Love both your projects! I need to get my Fall decor out but just haven't found the time. I love Fall too! I could live with Fall year round.

Anonymous said...

Love them both!

Keri said...

Too cute, Carrie! I love everything here!

You need to join Pinterest so that you can have even MORE cool crafty ideas delivered to your computer monitor. I'm loving it but finding it quite frustrating, since I just don't have the time to do any of the projects that I'm salivating over. But with your free nap time, you could actually accomplish some things.