Monday, September 26, 2011

A family tradition of ugly cakes

I used to buy pretty birthday cakes at the grocery store or bakery back when I only had 1 little girl.  N's first 3 birthday cakes were store-bought.  Even when G turned one, I purchased a pretty cake with Elmo and Mr. Noodle.  Shortly after this, when I found out I was expecting a third child, the prospect of spending on 3 birthdays every year made me rethink the $25 cake idea.

And so began what now seems to be a family tradition of ugly and yet somewhat creative birthday cakes.

N's 4th birthday that used Barbie as the Island Princess decor and cocktail umbrellas.

G's 2nd birthday cake---a track for Lightning McQueen with a homemade tower and flags.

G's 3rd birthday cake.

M's 1st birthday cake.

N's 6th birthday.....homemade cupcakes with Care Bears rings in them.

(My SIL made N's 5th birthday cake, a Scooby Doo cake.  I intended to make it myself but was so sick from being newly pregnant that I couldn't tolerate the smell of chocolate or icing or anything remotely resembling a foodstuff.)

And the beauty of it is that the kids don't care at all.  They don't seem to notice that my homemade stuff looks atrocious when compared to cakes made by people who have actual talent and skill at decorating cakes.

I like to think it's because they know that their momma made the cakes and put some thought and imagination and love into their creation.

But it's probably just that kids don't have any standards when it is cake.

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Keri said...

Personally, I think homemade cakes for kids' birthdays are the only way to go, especially for moms who aren't naturally gifted in that area. What says "I love you" more to a kid than a mom willing to spend the time and effort to make and decorate a custom-designed cake, knowing that she may embarass herself in the process? Not that yours are embarassing at all - didn't mean to imply that. But there's just something sweet and humble about homemade cakes by Mom.