Saturday, September 24, 2011

School freakouts

I am totally unsure what to make of G right now.

The first day of preschool (Sep 12) he was very excited, but on the second day of school before we left the house he said, "I don't want to go back."  Of course, he did fine once we were in the car and on our way.

Last week his teacher (one of my FB friends) told me that G is polite and a good listener and they wish they had a whole class full of Gs.  I think she might have gotten him confused with another child.  Each day he was out of the car and running inside while I was trying to kiss his cheek and hand him his bookbag.

I told G that this coming Monday, the 26th, which is his 4th birthday he can take treats as his special snack for himself and his classmates (which he has been telling me for months would be Cars 2 gummies).  Although on the one hand he is excited to take treats and dinosaur napkins and has shown everyone the snack box a zillion times, he also said he doesn't want to go back to preschool ever again.

This past Friday, the 23rd, for the first time ever, G threw a huge crying, screaming, thrashing fit going to speech class.  Ms. Melissa had to carry him inside the building.  Once inside, he calmed down and worked just fine.  But it completely threw me for a loop.  I knew it was best to hand him off to her and drive away, but my heart was breaking.  Even when my kid is acting like a complete turd, I hate to see him upset.

My gut feeling is that G is simply reacting to not being in control....having to go to school and go to speech while M stays with me.  He likes school and likes speech but is just pissed about not having a say in the matter.

But the anxious momma in me is extrapolating this minor school angst to mean that he will struggle with school from here on out, and I'll have to switch him into different schools because he will have behavior issues and then he maybe won't finish high school and how will he find a job and maybe he'll get into drugs because of his school troubles.

I'm gonna stop there because I really don't like all the worrisome places my mind can take me.

This parenting business ain't for sissies.

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Keri said...

Good thing you made your mind stop where it telling where it would have taken poor G after the drug problems.... ;-)

My guess is that you hit the nail on the head with your suggestion that this all involves a loss of control. That would certainly be a developmentally appropriate explanation. Hang in there, knowing that a zillion kids before him have done the exact same thing (including my formerly-well-adjusted-to-school middle child), and fit-throwing at school or therapy is not the first ingredient in a recipe for adult homelessness.