Sunday, September 18, 2011

Odds, ends, updates, whatnot

1. The gym-hunt has come to a screeching halt.  I wasn't willing to pay $82 a month so that I could take M to childcare while I worked out at the local Y.  And after I called and spoke with someone from Urban Active she called and called and called and called, and who wants to be hassled???  Not I.  So I am trying to get a few friends to come to my house 1 day a week and have my trainer come do a boot-camp style session with us which would ramp my exercise up a little and not cost a zillion dollars.  In 2 years, when M begins preschool I can join a gym, although at that point I think I will be jumping at the chance to volunteer in the kids' school on a more regular basis.

2.  I think D and I are going to refinance our mortgage again, which would make 4 times in 10 years.  This time we're gonna do a 15-year mortgage, which would only raise our monthly payment by $13 a month.  I am determined to pay this mother off in 11 years before N starts college.  So help me.

3. I had a very nice birthday week.  I skipped book club this month to attend N's open house at school, and I skipped bunco to walk with her and her girl scout troop in our town parade, so I told D I was going to make up for it my birthday week.  He and I went out to dinner on Wednesday evening while his mom watched the kids.  Then I went out to dinner Friday night with a group of girlfriends and again on Saturday morning for breakfast with my oldest and dearest friend.  D and the kids bought me some workout tops and a digital jump rope, as well as a couple Halloween home decor items (a jewel-tone spider from G and a witch from N).  And my brother sent me the sweetest birthday card on time....which is unheard of, and if I didn't know better I would think something wonky had happened with a parallel universe.

4. Aunt Flo totally snuck up on me think month, which I think had a lot to do with N being back at school and G starting preschool and being back in a rhythm that has me getting time away from my children.  It was so nice not to be a raving bitch for an entire week.  Maybe this is only gonna be a summer thing???

5. I can't even keep up with all the new shit M is saying, and I find that I haven't written down all the cute things he's been saying for a long time, like how he says Mommy as "Mah-ee" and Daddy as "Da-ee."  This week he ran around yelling "No pants" after I changed his diaper and tried to get him dressed again.

6. G is doing so well in speech therapy.  He is like 85% understandable to most people as long as he slows down.  And he can make fish lips now, which he couldn't do in February or even at the start of summer.   His speech therapist couldn't be more wonderful, and I'm now able to just drop him off rather than having to hang around and entertain M in the hallways (keeping a toddler quiet and contained in a school hallway is less fun than having a SuperGlue accident in one's nether-regions).

7. D gave N an old MP3 player he got at an engineering conference, so she totally thinks she's all that and a bag of chips.  It is cute and weird and a little heartbreaking how grown-up she is becoming.  It is increasingly difficult to think of what to get her for Christmas and her birthday since she is totally straddling the chasm between little kid and big girl.  It was so much easier when she just loved Dora and Disney Princesses.

8. I try not to vent on here about D since that is what my mother is for.  I was ready to strangle him when he illegally downloaded an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiam" and managed to get my cable modem account (in my name) temporarily suspended (when N was at school and the boys were napping).  And he asked me on my birthday if I wanted to have birthday sex, which I politely declined.  As my friend REW has said, "Men.  Can't live with them, can't legally shoot them."  

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