Friday, September 9, 2011

Approaching birthday

Next Tuesday I turn 38.  And with all this gym angst, I have decided to tell D to take the kids out this weekend and get me some actual gifts.....mostly because the kids like having me open something.  Ya know, a birthday isn't a birthday without least if you are 7 and almost 4 (and if you are almost 2, at least in this house, you just play with your penis alot).

So what to suggest?

How about a digital jump rope?

Or a pepper mill?

Or some new rain boots (since mine leak)?

Or a rain trench coat?

Or something fall and Halloweenish (since this is my favorite time of year)?

Or some actual workout clothes, since I own none?

D is taking me out to dinner next week.  I will play hooky from my neighborhood board meeting to take advantage of my MIL coming over to watch the yahoos.

38 is gonna be crazy, I tell ya.

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