Friday, September 9, 2011

My whiney "You cost too much" letter to the Y

                                                                   ABCD Street
                                                                   Somewhere in the US
                                                                   September 9, 2011
David Somebody
YMCA of Greater Somewhere
1234 Street
Somewhere in the US
Dear Mr. Somebody
I just called the corporate offices of the YMCA to share my disappointment about the organization’s prices.  
My name is Carrie Something, and I am a stay-at-home mom looking to join a gym.  Two of my three children have taken swim classes at the North Y, and we have always had good experiences there.  My hope was to get a single community membership and pay a small additional fee per month to bring my almost 2-year-old to childcare while I worked out (since my two other children are in elementary and preschool).  Once the spring arrived, I intended to upgrade to a family membership so my oldest two children can take swim lessons and we could go to the N's great pool/splash park next summer.  
When I called to get information from the YMCA about membership, I was told that in order to get childcare for my toddler, I would have to purchase a family membership ($80 per month).  I was shocked that childcare would cost an additional $28 per month.  
I called Urban Active to see what their fees are and was told I could get a single membership with childcare included for up to 4 children for $39.95 a month.  They have a pool as well (which was one of the draws of the North Y).  
In my frustration I called the YMCA’s corporate offices to voice my disappointment that I really cannot justify joining because of the huge price differential.  And this stinks because I really, really do like the Y whenever my kids have taken lessons or we’ve attended birthday parties there.  The issue isn’t whether I can afford it;  it is whether I am getting value for my money.  I wonder how many other people would join the Y if the prices were more in line with what they can get at other gyms?
Thank you for your time,
Carrie Something

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