Thursday, September 1, 2011

The disgustingly, awful yet really awesome book series

One evening I went to pick up some books for the kids at the library.  I was sans children so I was able to peruse a little bit instead of my usual routine, which is chasing M, picking up books that he litters all over the floor, and asking G to stop banging on the computer keyboards in the children's section.

I happened upon a book that sounded really bad AND really good:  The Horrible, Miserable Middle Ages:  The Disgusting Details About Life During Medieval Times.  Now I have long been interested in the middle ages---Eleanor of Aquitaine being a favorite queen from back in the day---so I just had to pick this book up.

As it turned out, N was all over this book.  She kept wanting to read about barber-surgeons and rotten teeth and chamber pots.  (Oh, how she will love Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd one day which is the wrong era but so yucky.)

Per my usual, when the kids seem fascinated by something, with the something this time being highly gross facts, I run with it.

In our local library system, I found two other books in the series:
The Dreadful, Smelly Colonies:  The Disgusting Details About Life in Colonial America and
The Terrible, Awful Civil War:  The Disgusting Details About Life During America's Bloodiest War.

Tonight we began the one about the Civil War, which introduced N to all kinds of neat vocabulary like dysentery and tuberculosis and cholera.

This is definitely a series that will make anyone glad to live in these modern times.
Hurrah for hand sanitizer and antibiotics!


Shelby said...

Awesome! I have put in requests for all three of these books! My girls are always asking questions about how life was in various time periods. I try to tell them about how awful things were hundreds of years ago but my knowledge is fairly limited. Can't wait to get these and dive in. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You got me - I will be getting these books for my classroom!