Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's profoundly grouchy mood

has been brought to you by the letter "G"

who woke me up around 4:15.  And then continued getting out of bed until I finally gave up and decided to lay with him and perhaps get a little nod of sleep.

And by the letter  "D" 

who woke me up while I was in G's bed, finally starting to doze a bit, to tell me M was crying (and then went back to our bed to sleep).

And by the letter "M"

who was crying for some unknown reason at the most inopportune time (and who doesn't often do this)

And again by the letter "G"

who came into M's room when I was trying to settle him down without nursing him.  The interruption wakened M even more, giving me no choice but to nurse him so he would settle and go back to sleep.

And AGAIN by the letter "G"

who continued opening M's bedroom door as I was nursing him and putting him back into bed, making me almost LEVITATE with EXTREME ANGER AS A RESULT OF BEING SO EFFIN TIRED.

And by the letter "D"

who somehow managed to stay in bed and may or may not have been sleeping but was still in his own bed and not dealing with 2 little boys at 5:30 in the morning.

So I was up, out of bed, in the family room at 5:40 or so, which is 20 minutes earlier than most early days around here, which makes me want to start unloading the dishwasher VERY LOUDLY right this instant to wake everyone else up in this house so it's not just me being exceptionally tired and pissy this morning.

And now G continues rambling at me, asking for Cheerios and his Singulair and all the other stuff he wants while I am in a foul frame of mind, even with coffee.

This is the stuff you don't think about when you see the plus sign on the pregnancy test.

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Shelby said...

I hear ya girl! I have to admit that Carlos is pretty good about helping with the kids, however, he is often able to sleep through all the night time goings on and I end up dealing with them on my own. Why is that? I guess since they assume someone else (us) is going to take care of it they are able to sleep without a moments hesitation. I wish I could do that. I am always sleeping with one ear open in case I am needed.