Friday, September 2, 2011

Apple picking with my boys

The last time I went apple picking I took this photo of N.

She was about 2-and-a-half years old then.

A year or so after this picture was taken, G was a newborn.  So no apple-picking.
A year after that, G was only a year old.  So no apple-picking.
A year after that, M was "this" close to being here.  No apple-picking.
Last year, M was a year old.  Repeat the refrain.  

(I have to admit that my MIL has a small apple tree in her backyard, and in the past 5 years when I wasn't 9 months pregnant AND when the tree produced fruit, I did climb up the ladder and get enough apples to make a pie.)

This year I was determined to go apple-picking, mostly to try to get a sweet photo of G picking apples.  

Because there are few things as sweet as a child picking fruit.  

Walking to the orchard.

I especially like the one on the right because he almost looks like he's off the ground (and it would be just like him to swing from the apple tree while picking.)

Now to sample them. 

Little brother had fun at the orchard too.

One gets thirsty when apple-picking in sticky high 90 degree weather.  
(G took this photo of me nursing M. He also took quite a few shots of his new shoes.)

 The spoils.  (Another G photo.)

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