Friday, October 21, 2011

Dinglepuss and Dingledong

We are big before-bed readers in our house but we generally haven't been much of storytellers.  When N was little, before the boys were born, I sometimes told stories but I always had a hard time coming up with a plot.  If memory serves, I think I borrowed heavily from fairy tales a la Disney princess movies.  

Now that there are 3 kids in the house, with their unique personalities, it seems I have an easier time coming up with tales.

It was awhile back that G asked me to tell him and N a story and so began the wondrous adventures of Dinglepuss and her brother Dingledong.  

These two thinly veiled characters have gotten into all sorts of mischief, like going to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream when the store's only employee was unloading a huge shipment at the back, leaving them alone at the front of the store to do things like squirt an entire bottle of whipped cream into their mouths  and open their mouths underneath the hot fudge dispenser and use up every single tiny sample spoon trying out the 31 varieties.  

Tonight, Dinglepuss and Dingledong won a shopping spree at Target in which they got to run around the store like mad, tossing anything they wanted into their carts within 10 minutes time.  Dinglepuss snatched up Liv dolls and Monster High dolls and Barbie clothes and Judy Moody books, while Dingledong grabbed Superhero figures and Imaginext sets and every Cars 2 toy he could find.  At the very end, as the final few seconds ticked on the clock, they raced to the front, managed to dump loads of bubble gum into their carts, and beat the buzzer so they were able to keep everything they had crammed into their carts.  N said when I was finished, "I really liked that story!"  

There have been occasions when I've mentioned their other brother, Dingledork, but he's little still so doesn't get into as many hijinks as the older ones.  

I'm glad that these stories have become a little tradition with N and G.

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