Friday, October 14, 2011

The place to make girls think they have to look like hookers

When N was 3 and we took her to Disney World, we did not allow her to go to the Bippity-Boppity-Boutique (BBB).  The first reason is because it is insanely expensive.  The second reason is because the girls who came out of there looked like trashy bimbo princesses.

Unfortunately where I live a cheaper version of the aforementioned BBB has opened called Club Tabby, but it is equally tacky.

Girls can get "full makeovers" for $29---eyelashes, hair in an updo, etc.  They can also have parties at the back of the store where they and their friends grace the catwalk to loud thumping club music.  I have seen girls come out of there after being made up, and they look like white-trash Muppets.

I fully expect that within a few years N will want to wear cosmetics, at which point she and I will visit a legitimate department store makeup counter where she can learn from a professional how to apply makeup so that it looks natural.  Seriously, I have watched Lord of the Rings special features enough times to know that Weta Workshop did prettier orc makeup than some of the girls I've seen at Club Tabby.

Of course N begs to go in there whenever we are in the mall, and fortunately I have the boys as my excuse for why we cannot set foot within the premises.  I did allow her to go in one time so she could see what it was, and I was immediately turned off.  Getting made up to go clubbin' is fine if one is in her twenties, but not such a good thing for a 7-year-old.

I will admit that I went in recently to purchase N a stencil book for Christmas that Michael's used to carry but doesn't anymore.  As much as I hate to spend any money there, I know N would really enjoy this stencil, so I sucked up my pride and stood at the counter.

The girl who checked me out asked if I was purchasing a gift, and I told her it was for my daughter.  She replied with something on the order of, "Oh, well you can buy me a gift.  There is so much here I'd love to get.  Like that.  And that."  I think this was her ill-advised attempt at being super friendly and perky.

Now this "girl" was in her early twenties, at least, perhaps her late teens, but I thought Seriously, if my daughter gets to be your age and is into this shit I will effin knock her block off.  I'm hoping she's thinking pre-med by your age.....not feather boas, glittery diva wall hangings and her future in pole-dancing.

I try desperately not to be a prude.  I don't expect my daughter to read nothing but Little House on the Prairie and wear high-collar dresses that hit her shins.

But there are just some things I cannot stomach, and one of them is the slutting up and dumbing down of girls, especially my girl.  A young girl can be incredibly smart and fun and vivacious without glittery blue eyeshadow and her tits whacking her in the neck.  

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Keri said...

(If I was the type to use "LOL," I would say it right now.)

I whole-heartedly agree with you. We went to the mall as a family back in July and the girls nearly passed out when they saw that store for the first time. With a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I walked in with them, and I cringed the entire time that they were ooh-ing and coo-ing over every. single. thing. in the store. I'm used to Audrey loving all things pink and girly and glittery, but I was seriously over-dosing on it in that store. It was waaaaaay too much.

Naturally, both of my girls loved the idea of the "salon" there and have asked numerous times to go there for their birthdays, or to save their own money for a makeover (even though neither of them has been past the store since that time in July). Yuck. I have always given kind of non-commital answers to those requests because I don't want to start a war if not necessary -- I'd rather just put them off and hope they forget about it.

And was the girl at the counter serious about wanting all that crap for herself? Hilarious. And sad at the same time.

Oh, and I was at the mall by myself yesterday and when I walked past that store, I cringed again, just from walking past it.