Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The weekend that kicked our collective asses--Saturday

Our usual weekend routine is to maybe do a family activity on Saturday morning and then lay low until late Sunday afternoon when we visit Mamaw for dinner.

But this past weekend was different.

Saturday morning we visited a nearby county farm where we went on a hayride, picked pumpkins and enjoyed lots of fun in and on the hay.  I first visited this farm when N was 18 months old (2005), and have gone with the kids in 2008, 2009, 2010 and this year.  (G was a newborn in 2007, but I have no idea why we didn't go in 2006?)

Being there on a beautiful fall day with my family brings me tremendous joy, seeing them enjoy it now and remembering all the wonderful visits we've had in the past.

In honor of our family tradition, I present Pumpkin Picking Past and Present:

2005--N was around 18 months old.  

 This (above) is one of my all-time most cherished photos of N.  

2008--With N (who was 3-and-a-half) and G (who was a year old)

In 2009, with N (who was 5), G (who was 2) and me (who was ready to pop M out).

In 2010, with N (age 6), G (age 3) and M (age 1)

And this year, 2011, with N (age 7), G (age 4) and M (age 2)

 Love this pic of my babies.  

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