Thursday, October 27, 2011

The weekend that kicked our collective asses--Sunday

Saturday afternoon we were covered from stem to stern with hay, but we ventured out into nature again on Sunday.

N's Girl Scout troop made a scarecrow for a local forest's Scarecrow Jubilee celebration, and we wanted to see it on display before it got too cool to visit.  Nana and Pa (my parents) met us there.

N with Brownie the Girl Scout.  

 The tree canopy walk was pretty cool to see.  Got a great view of the changing leaves.

We headed to the children's play area next to picnic and let the kids run wild.

 Momma got hay thrown at her face on Saturday, and on Sunday was pummeled with gum tree balls.  Nana got whacked with some too.  G can be what some people refer to as a "dick."

 I hope when I'm 73 years old I have what it takes to jump up and even reach the bars.  GO NANA!!

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