Saturday, October 15, 2011

Impromptu kite-flying expedition

As much as I like routines, sometimes I become frustrated by them when I feel too locked in.

Our evenings are usually the same.  I begin half-assedly fixing dinner a little after 5:00, D comes home from work around 6:10 and we eat shortly after.  D does post-dinner clean-up and we begin getting the littles ready for bed at 7:30 (or earlier if G has refused to nap that day).

Yesterday afternoon the kids wanted to go outside following snack.  I had planned to make tilapia so I wasn't too keen on this idea because it would delay dinner, but I agreed mostly because G was in an extremely annoying mood following his nap and was on tantrum #3 in less than an hour.

It had been blustery all day long so the kids wanted to fly their kites.  I put them off since M was doing his normal "I want to walk the neighborhood sidewalks with a jump rope trailing behind me" and I had to follow.

D pulled in the driveway a little earlier than usual so N and G pounced on him to get the kites.  Due to the houses and trees, the kites would lift, toss a bit in the breeze and then almost immediately sink to the ground.

I suggested that we go to our nearby nature preserve's fields to fly the kites, fully expecting D to decline since it was Friday and he was tired, but he agreed.  I didn't have supper waiting anyway, so it seemed like a good opportunity that we would normally not grab.

As Paul Harvey would say, "And now the rest of the story..."
In photos.

N doing her thing, running with abandon.  

This was G's first time flying a kite, so Daddy stayed close by. 

I especially love this one---G explaining to the horses how he flies his kite.  
M was way more interested in the horse and mule than the kite-flying.  He kept his distance for awhile....

But in no time, he was much closer and giving them a lecture about something only a toddler (or equine) could understand.  

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