Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The "former teacher for 4 years" faux pas

I like to think that I am pretty creative and a generally helpful person.  I recognize that I am more anal than probably a lot of people.  But I may have to add "incredible ass" to my list of personality traits (bite your tongue those of you who say that it is already at the top of my list.)

Yesterday I volunteered in N's class.  I haven't been able to do this much, and I know my time is limited since she is already in 2nd grade and will soon cringe at the notion of me stepping foot within a mile of her school.  

Two other moms were volunteering too, and we were dispatched with creating a new bulletin board.  

Before I left, I asked the teacher if there was anything else she would like me to help her with in general.  With the boys, I cannot volunteer in the classroom more than once a month but I like to do what I can to support all my kids' teachers and schools.  

She had sent home a class newsletter awhile back, and I thought perhaps she might want assistance with it, so I asked if she did.  She asked me if I would handle doing book orders for her.  I told her I'd be happy to.  I then asked her if she'd like for me to make up a new reading log sheet for the class since the current one doesn't have enough room for kids to write the titles when they read for the weekend (which is optional reading but I make N do it anyway).    

Even for a weekday read, the lines are too small for N to fit the titles in, which means she runs over into my signature space.  This sorta drives me bonkers.  

I thought maybe there was another way to go about it that would be easier for the students to write and easier for Mrs. B, as the teacher, to read.  

But after the fact, I realized that I may have come across like a complete......dick, which certainly wasn't my intent.  I was just trying to make something better and be helpful.  

Damn that internal "former 4-years-of-experience teacher who still keeps her certificate up to date and misses the creativity of the classroom but doesn't want a full-time job-yet."  She does not come off well sometimes.  

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Bethany said...

Great job! I would have been annoyed, but that's because I have a similar personality as you but am more insecure and would feel like you thought I was a crappy teacher for having a poor form that had comic sans AND poor default spacing issues. However, your design rocks.

I miss doing things like this. I like making documents and writing curriculum almost as much as teaching! I haven't made a Word doc since March. Wow. Maybe I need to volunteer at a school if someone could volunteer to be with my kids!