Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A small annoyance related to motherhood

Our house is not dinky, by any means, but we also do not live so grandly that we have tons of extra room.  While I would love to have my own "craft" room with built-in storage and cubbies for all my craft and scrapbook stuff, for the foreseeable future any room that could be used as such is being used as a basement toy/play room and bedrooms for the kids.  (Of course, prior to children I didn't have time for crafts so none of my rooms were used in this capacity anyway.)

What this means is that if I begin any type of small project, like working on the kids' scrapbooks or painting something, I have to use the dining room table or the floor or some other space that also serves another function and can be easily gotten into by the kids if I don't pick everything up and put it away.

What that means is that if I want to work on something I have to give myself time to not only get everything out and work but also time to clean everything up again, even if I'm not finished.  Even if I will work on it again 4 hours later when the kids go to bed.

And so, very often, small little projects get put off and put off, clogging up my mental "to do" list but never actually getting done because of the aforementioned hassles.  Or the project requires a special trip to a special shop (like Archiver's or Michaels) where I need to think without being hollered at to see the Schleich miniature dragons and penguins.

There is always, always plenty that I potentially could get done in any given day, but very often none of it gets done because it is just a pain to even bother with it.

The same goes for housework.  Our bathrooms are right at the cusp between dirty and downright funkay, but it is such an ordeal to clean them.  Which is why most everything in my house is just sorta clean.  It wouldn't pass any kind of inspection but it also doesn't meet the strict standards for calling in Superfund.

And so I blog or putz around on Facebook.
Because composing an ingeniously witty status update is getting something accomplished.  

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Shelby said...

I can totally relate to this! I am always telling Carlos how I can't get stuff done because it's just such a pain to get things set up and put away. I have literally, about 600 photos that need to be sorted and put into albums. This task has been hanging over me for months but I have yet to do it because finding the time is impossible. Maybe when the kids go off to college. :)