Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. 2-Years Old

Dearest M,

There are many nicknames I could give you:

The Ear Twiddler--since you love fiddling with ears....yours and anyone whose lap you are on.
The Penis Player--because your love affair with your boy part knows no bounds.
The Long-Term Nurser--since you are still breastfeeding with vigor.
The Surprise Bonus Baby--because you will always remind me that planning is great but surprises are even better.

Two years ago on this day, Daddy and I knew you would be delivered but we still wondered whether you were a boy or a girl.  We wondered if you would be blonde like your siblings.  If you would have blue eyes.  If you would be a south paw too.  And you are none of those things---reddish brown hair, hazel eyes and very much a righty.  You are proof that the genetic pool is wide and deep.

I think of you as my little monkey.  Perhaps this is residual from your strange way of crawling or the fact that we dressed you as a monkey for Halloween last year or maybe it is the broadness and bigness of your mouth as you eat yogurt.  Regardless, you are my playful little one.

There are so many things I love about you but one of the best has to be the way you dance....not lifting a foot, but bouncing and swaying from side to side with one hand up in the air, waving it around like you just don't care.

I love it that you run into the powder room yelling "ba-bas," for the imaginary "boo-boos" on your shin that you insist on covering.  If I put a pinkish one on, you yell "No!  Oss!(off)" and insist on getting one that is more robots or aliens or Cars 2 or SpongeBob.

I love hearing you go up to your sister and ask, "Yah?  Yah?" to get her attention.  I love seeing you finally give G a taste of his own pesky medicine.  I can't help but chuckle when I see you go up behind him, whack him on the back and then take off running for your life in the opposite direction.

You are so independent, eager and able to head up- or downstairs on your own, without anyone else with you to read books or play with toys.  You've got two older siblings that you try desperately to keep up with so you are far beyond where they were at the same age in terms of fearlessness.

These two years tending to both you and G (and, of course, N) have been exhausting, and I don't see that changing anytime soon given the penchant you two (and sometimes 3) have for wrestling, screaming and general mayhem.  Still, even when I am bone-tired and frustrated to the gills, I am so glad that life blessed me with what I wasn't expecting when I wasn't expecting it.

I love you always sweet boy,


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Kelsey said...

Almost makes me want to throw medical advice to the wind and go for a third! But then Matt would probably kill me anyway.

Happy birthday to M - what a lovely tribute for him to read someday.