Friday, February 18, 2011

To be the parent and child

At this moment, I am feeling rather sympathetic towards my children and however rankled they feel with me at any given moment.  Because right now I am feeling rather aggravated with my own parent.

A parent is a person with all measure of oddities and complexities and quirks that, sometimes or frequently or always, drive a child batty.  Whether the child is 3 and the adult is 37 or the child is 37 and the adult is 68.

It is hard being the child even when you are the adult child.  And it is hard being the parent even when you are the parent of an adult child.

It is a push and pull, a needing and a needing to get away from experience between parent and child that I guess continues until there is no longer a parent or a child.

And despite however frustrating that friction is within the relationship, when it is gone there is a deep longing to have it back.

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