Friday, February 11, 2011

Are cold/flu and house falling apart seasons almost over???

My week, since last Saturday:

Saturday, Feb 5:  M sick with fever, congestion.  Clingy, whiney, little sleep.

Sunday, Feb 6:  M still sick with fever, congestion.  Only slightly less clingy, whiney.

Monday, Feb 7:  N begins to develop congestion.

Tuesday, Feb 8: D and I begin to develop congestion & run-down feeling.

Notice water leaking from kitchen cabinet.  Open cabinet door to find never opened gallon of distilled water only a quarter full.  Leak in jug has caused water to drip into cabinet, out of door, onto my less than a year-old hardwood floor and into spongy rug which sat for who knows how long on less than a year-old hardwood floor resulting in WARPED FLOOR.  Approximately 2x5 foot area.  

Someone just kill me now.  

Wednesday, Feb 9:  M begins with croupy cough.  D and I continue to feel run-down, congested, sickish feeling.  N begins with cough.

Thursday, Feb 10:  Called flooring store to get less than year-old hardwood floored replaced.  Looking at over $250 in repair costs.

More of the same regarding illness, except N begins feeling draggy, chilled in the evening.  Fever during the middle of the night.

I went to bed at 8:30 because being awake is just too much of a downer.

Friday, Feb 11:  N has 101 degree fever upon waking, so off to clinic we go.  Rapid strep test negative.  Culture gonna grow for a few days.  All indications are new virus on top of old virus that began earlier in the week.  D and I still congested and run down feeling after each child woke us up at least twice during the night or wee morning hours.

Homeownership and parenting are sometimes way overrated.    

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Kelsey said...

Ugh! Sorry Carrie! That sounds terrible. The floor thing would be bad enough by itself, but with a house full of sick people? I would be tempted to pack my bags and drive off in the middle of the night. (Okay, not REALLY but that's really a terrible week.)

We're expecting a big thaw this weekend - maybe a change in weather will help get rid of all the illness?