Monday, February 21, 2011

Another brain dump...

This is my third post that I've begun this evening.  The other two went nowhere, which means I have a lot to unload but none of it is substantial enough to actually fill what qualifies to me as a blog post.

So this is gonna be the stew.  A little of this.  A little of that.

I have decided to teach N cursive since she is showing interest.  Of course this requires me to instruct her, which is like whacking my head against a very large piece of quartz.  Because N, in her mind, already knows how to write in cursive.  Tonight we worked on A-G in both capitals and lower-care.  At least 14 times, she said to me, "Mom, I know."  Of course, at least 5 times she said, "I can't do it!," (which seems to negate her earlier insistence that she knows exactly what she is doing).  Deep breathing required.

G is a complete and total mess.  Every day he throws like 6 tantrums.  I really want to be patient and sympathetic, but by tantrum #4 I have HAD IT.  (Because, ya know, I still have 2 other kids who like to be whiney and annoying at any given moment too.)

M is gonna nurse until he's 14.

I noticed this afternoon when M wanted to pet the cat that he is quite gentle, for a boy.  When G was the same age, he just smacked, walloped whatever he wanted to put his hands on.  I tried my darndest to get him to understand gentle, but it never took.  G has always been a roughneck.  M can certainly be rough & tumble, but he is more of a blend of what N was like and what G was like---a nice mix of gentle/sweet and snips/snails/puppy dog tails.  If I hadn't been on antidepressants during both of my pregnancies with the boys, I really would think some of G's problem was his exposure.  But evidently, it is just his personality.


I love my day-planner.  One of my favorite times of year is in December when I purchase a new one...all sleek and clean and full of the promise that a new year holds.

Looking at it right now, I am very much aware of how busy I am.  Not in a "I'm gonna freak out because of all this crap to do" way.  Just an acknowledgment that life is chock full of things to do.  If it doesn't get done this week....there is always next.

Here is what my planner says for the week:  (I put in BOLD what I actually accomplished today.)

Monday:  Speech (G) 10:00 (although I took him at 9:30 for extra time since he didn't have therapy last Friday).  Scholastic order (needs to be finished and check mailed once N's teacher emails me that she has selected her free books).  Pick up stuff from P (reunion envelopes & such).

Tuesday:  Exercise, 9:00.  Eye exam for G, 2:30.

Wednesday:  Field trip, N.  Carpet guy over, 10:00.  Code move for D.  Girl Scouts, 6:30 (take Dr. Seuss books).

Thursday:  Wellness Assessment, 8:15.  Pay registration on cars.  Transfer $ to various accounts.  Make cake for school festival and cupcakes for N's class.

Friday:  Speech (G) 10:00, Reading response due (N's homework), School winter festival, 5-9.  Take cupcakes to N's class after 3:00.


Kelsey said...

You've probably thought about this already and maybe you aren't looking for advice... if you're going to teach N cursive, make sure you get a look at what type of cursive her school is teaching. I just subbed in a third grade classroom a couple of weeks ago and the cursive they were using looked significantly different than what I learned as a child! I think they've made it a little less frilly/loopy.

Kelsey said...

Oh, and I wonder if I would be more productive if I wrote more things out? Some of the items you have in your planner would be things I would hope to remember to do, but might take me several days to actually remember.