Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Achilles child

Right now G is my Achilles child, but I'm not sure if it is just because he is 3 or just his personality, but I imagine it is a combination of both.

Today started out just spectacularly.

G grabbed the vacuum cleaner hose attachment from the basket on the steps and whacked M in the head with it.  In my frustration at his whacking M (and general bad morning mood associated with being awoken during the night each and every night for most of the past 7 years as well as entirely too effin' early by G every single morning), I turned around and whacked G in the leg with the hose attachment.  Hard.  Resulting in considerable tears.

And so it rained guilt for most of the remainder of the day because there is nothing as awful as one's child giving that look of, "Why did you hit me?"  

(Of course there was a huge article in the local paper about a girl and her boyfriend being convicted of murder for beating her nephew to death.....which made me feel even more like the Suckiest Mom on the Planet and truly one of the dregs of society.)

G is most of the time a delightful kid, and I do love his impishness.  He has a great sense of humor.  Today while in the car sitting in construction traffic near our subdivision where a new road is being put in he said, "Maybe Star Wars will come and shoot the diggers and we can go home."

But he is 3, and therefore prone to at least 2 tantrums a day, rain or shine.  Usually they are the same two  tantrums day after day after day.  (Or it seems that way, at least.)

And he likes to throw toys just to do it.  And he takes toys out of M's hands constantly.  And he will not cooperate with potty-training whatsoever.

N was a pain in the arse at 3, and G is proving no different.  

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Kelsey said...

I have to say Michael, even at nearly three, has never quite pushed my buttons the way Harper did/does. This sounds like the kind of interaction I may have had with HER.

Hope things have improved over the course of the week. I know I never feel great when I lose my temper with the kids (which happens not infrequently).