Thursday, February 17, 2011

Days of our lives

It is hard during the dregs of winter to find the delight of the daily grind.  I'll admit my mood just lightened moments ago when I booked our place in Orlando, making our family trip to DisneyWorld this summer really real.  

I have to remind myself of the joy that is now.  The comfort in the mundane.

Pushing one's little brother on the Thomas toy.

Pushing one's little brother off the Thomas toy.

Conking out during lunch.

Dressing up in mommy's sweaters and being babushkas.  

Enjoying one's older brother even though he pushes you down constantly and generally makes your life miserable.    

Being aggravated that one's little brother ruined one's picture of Bolt.

But explaining to the judges of the drawing contest why the picture of Bolt looks the way it does.

Realizing that two of the books you got during your first pregnancy in 2003-04 have been loved to death by three kids.  

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Kelsey said...

Oooh I will look forward to hearing about your trip. I think we're taking the kids in fall - which I NEVER would have imagined because I am iffy about whether Michael is old enough.

I loved the pictures of those books. We are on our 2nd copy of Goodnight Moon and it is still practically in shreds.