Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Noise inside my head

Some days I really wish I could get outside my own head.  Because I get tired of thinking and rethinking and overthinking and trying to be "smart about things," but really just wanting to just give into temptation.

And I know that in the big scheme of things, when so many people worry about how they are gonna pay their electric bill or feed their kid that night, me stewing over a tax refund is the height of pettiness (although I do think Paris Hilton is probably far worse than me).  But still, I realize that so many people have real serious issues.

What would be the smart thing to do is fund M's 529.  Or pay 2 house payments for this year.  Or just put it in one of the savings accounts and let it hang out for awhile.

But what I'd like to do is get new carpet for upstairs.  Because it is 10 years old.  Because it is cream and shows everything.  Because I really don't think some of these stains would come out with professional cleaning.  Because I am tired of it.  Because in 10 years we are gonna be sending N to college and won't be able to do stuff to the house.

I keep telling myself these are all valid reasons to get new flooring.  But I feel guilty nonetheless about wanting it because I know there are other more important things I should do with our money.

Both my mother and mother-in-law have told me that at some point as you age, you just don't care as much about your house and upgrading as you did when you were younger.  And right now, perhaps because as a stay-at-home mom I am in my house all.the.time, I want to change things up.  I want to enjoy my house now before I don't care much anymore.  Before the expenses of the kids....braces, ipods, DS games, car insurance premiums, college tuition, make what I spend on diapers look like chump change.

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Kelsey said...

You could get a dog! Then the cream colored carpet would be a non-salvageable mess and replacing it would be an easy decision!