Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Conversation Hearts for my children

It is the day after Valentine's, and just as the price of chocolates wrapped in red have plummeted, so has my mood.  I have been with sick kids since Saturday, Feb 5th when M started running a fever.  N seems to finally, maybe, be over her fever-running, although I fully anticipate an early morning something that will keep her home from school again tomorrow.

Today G has been complaining of his tummy hurting, and he has a cough, and he is just whinier than normal, a sure sign that his turn with the never-ending virus is nigh.

And as I've been at the mercy of sickish, demanding children who have asked the moon and Valentine candy to boot, I began thinking what kind of conversation hearts I would give them today.

To G:  (He gets 4 conversation hearts because he is 3, a particularly aggravating age.)
*UR annoyin'
* Let's spend some time apart
*U drive Me crazy
*I LUV the idea of drop-kickin' you across the street

To M:
*Quit askin' for boob
*U paw on me 2 Much
*2 cute 2 put out on the sidewalk for another family to take home

To N:
*Wash UR hands more so U quit getting sick all the time.
*Blow UR nose OK?
*4 more months til summer insanity.

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