Monday, August 1, 2011



N completed her final summer reading list.  For 3 out of the 4 programs, she had to write titles she read herself, which means 28 books.  She finally finished books she was given for her birthday (Ivy + Bean and Judy Moody Is In a Mood) and now we are working on Ramona the Brave.  (She and I sit together and read silently on the couch.)  I have also been reading Junie B. books to her and G before bed so we've wrapped up Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus and Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine over the past couple nights.  Junie B. is a kick!

I feel slightly guilty that I did not do very much math with her.  I bought some workbooks at Target's Dollar Spot, but she just wasn't into them.  And with Disney and tonsillectomy sandwiched there mid-summer, it was hard to get into a routine of workbooks/math practice.  Reading is easy to "force" since we read at rest-time and at bedtime.  A little extra reading doesn't seem difficult to fit in since we do it all the time anyway.

She is taking an Engineering Camp at her school this week, and was very chatty about what she learned when she got in the car today.  I learned about Rube Goldberg from her, and we spent some time watching the YouTube video of Ok Go's Rube Goldberg Machine.   Her enthusiasm is evidence that she will be glad to be back into the swing of school.  Having down time is great, but learning new stuff and meeting new friends and seeing old friends is pretty great too.

The oldest BOY:

G is so used to me saying "Let's write it on the list" for summer reading that he now says, "Mommy, I wan put dis on my list," which means he wants me to stack his newest, most favorite books (whatever they happen to be at the moment) beside his bed, rather than in the library book bin or on the bookshelf. Tonight's books that went on the list were two nonfiction titles:  one about poison dart frogs and the other about reptiles.

I am nearly desperate for preschool to begin for him because I think we have reached maximum Mom frustration.  I need a break from him, and he needs to start taking direction from people other than me.  He needs to regularly be around other kids near his age in a learning environment.  

The youngest BOY:

Tonight while nursing M, he detached and hollered, "Cool Toe!"  I'm not sure if he intended for these two words to actually go together and mean something, but it was funny nonetheless.

He now says, "Hey Bu-eeee" (Hey Buddy), which is what I say to him whenever I go into his room in the morning or after nap to get him out of his crib.  The cute part is that he makes his voice go even higher than normal so he is super squeaky.  Evidently, it is not enough to repeat mommy; he has to mimic my octaves as well.  

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Keri said...

Okay, I'm so far behind here that I'm not even going to attempt to catch up. I'm going to start here and go forward, and as I have time, I'll try to read the entries I've missed. I know I told you I usually read the entries and then come back later to comment, but the past few weeks, I haven't even had time to do the reading part...

So anyway. I love that N is doing an Engineering Camp. Awesome for girls to do such normally "boy" intellectual activities. That sentence didn't come out right, but if I take the time to try to re-write it, I may never finish. :-)

I know what you mean about it definitely being time for G to start preschool. I experienced exactly the same thing with Bailey, and I'm kind of having it with Jonah now, although not as intense. It was definitely intense with Bailey, that sense that she and I couldn't do another day together without some other stimulation for her. She was bored out of her mind at home, and I was beyond tired of entertaining her. Audrey was a lot younger when she started, so it wasn't the same (although I definitely had the "I NEED SOME SPACE!!!" feeling with her due to her disposition at the time).

I'm sure that both you and G will be dancing for joy the first day you drop him off. And poor, beat-up M probably will too, as it means a temporary reprieve from being a human punching bag for his bro. :-)