Sunday, August 21, 2011

The other insane boy in the house

By 7:30 a.m. yesterday morning, I had posted on Facebook that I had to use tweezers to fish G's Singulair tablet from his nostril.

By 1:30 p.m., I had to whisk him out of Hancock Fabrics and back home due to core meltdown.   Once I got him settled in bed he fell asleep in exactly six minutes.  Nevermind that he had adamantly refused to take a nap just 45 minutes prior.

Yesterday he also pushed M off the couch so hard that we all heard M's head smack against the floor.  That was the worst of the abuse M got at G's hands yesterday, but it wasn't the first or the last time M came running to me crying in that 24-hour period known as August 20th.

G will begin preschool in a little over 3 weeks, which elates me and terrifies me at the exact same time.  Lord knows I need a break from his mischievousness, but I simply don't know what to expect from him in a preschool setting.  D said we should consider giving his preschool teacher a goodie basket of headache medicine, bourbon and a massage gift certificate on the first day of school.

I fear that I don't give G enough credit for being a reasonable little boy when he is around others.  At swim lessons the other day, I was working on some paperwork and not paying a whole lot of attention to what G was doing while with his instructor.  A little girl in his group of 3 got up and walked to her mother with a very perturbed look on her face, and I just KNEW G had done something to her.  When class was over I asked G if he had done anything to her, and he said no.

Of course, if I have learned anything in getting two of my three children to almost age 4 it's that "you don't listen to or believe the 3-year-old" (****) so I asked the mom of this little girl if G had done anything.  The little girl's band-aid had come off and she was upset about that, so G had been telling the truth, but I told the mom G tends to be a pesky kid and I was concerned that he may have bothered her.

Immediately afterwards I felt terribly guilty for 1. thinking G did the worst, and 2. not believing him, but experience has shown me that with G I sorta have to keep my guard up.

I will be very, very interested to see what his teacher has to say about G and his behavior in preschool.  And I will be hoping that military school doesn't cost too much.

**** In my experience, you can ask a 3-year-old what you think is a simple question with a simple true answer, and yet the answer that child gives will almost never be correct, truthful or even coherent.  My husband is notorious for saying to me, "But G said you went to the zoo/playground/Swiss Alps today"  when in fact we stayed home from sunup til sundown and never even set foot on the front porch.  Or I'll ask G what he wants for a snack and he'll say "yogurt with sprinkles," yet when I have the requested food on the table he insists that he asked for graham cracker and milk.

3-year-olds are just effin' insane, even when they are THIS close to being 4 years old.


Kelsey said...

Three year olds are insane! Michael has grown much more wild this summer and I'm not sure what his return to school will be like... But he inflicts injury upon Harper since he doesn't have a younger sibling to pester. ;-)

Giselle said...

I have no idea what Michael will be like in school. He is such the clown here at home. His poor teachers. Or not. Lily was a living terror here at home when she was 3, and at school she was an obedient angel. Maybe G will surprise you.