Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My house is just like my kids----

None listen to a word I say.

After D and I had the roof built over our deck in June and spent $150 to clean & stain it ourselves in July, I decided (as bill payer and savings strategist) that we were going on a house-spending sabbatical.  We have dropped a load on the house in the past two years between the roof and the new hardwood flooring, so it is time to cut back and save up once again.

Unfortunately, the house decided that I (and my plans) can suck it.

Last week, I noticed a 6-inch wide ring of mildew (or mold?) encircling the exhaust fan over the toilet in the basement.  It looked exactly like the black stuff that gets on the basement toilet seat every summer when it is so humid.  I have been able to quickly clean the toilet seat and move on with my life, but I cannot ignore a big ring of black on my ceiling.  It wasn't wet, thank goodness, but I knew we needed to do something.  Dousing it with straight bleach repeatedly was my first step.  The second step was going to Home Depot and purchasing a new plastic toilet seat and a dehumidifier.  We didn't get a huge dehumidifier but it set us back $178.

Our kitchen faucet has been leaking a bit for awhile, and I had contemplated fixing it myself.  Unfortunately, Monday night I noticed that water was leaking from underneath the faucet as well, making the shelf under the sink even more funky and warped than it already was.  The plumber was called.  Today I instructed him to just fix the faucet, not replace it.  It wasn't too long before he showed me that two screws are completely stripped making it impossible for him to get it off the base without, I don't know, sawing the fucking thing off.  And after he took apart what he was able to and put it back together again, the leak was way worse, meaning he had to shut off the water to the kitchen sink.

D and I attempted to take the kids to Fazoli's for supper, but they kind of went a little ape-shit in the car, so we canned that and told them we were having cheese sandwiches for dinner.

After putting the kids to bed, I spent the rest of the early evening at Home Depot selecting a new kitchen faucet.

The faucet was $198.
The installation tomorrow is gonna run around $150.

I am still waiting for the microwave to completely die.  It made a valiant recovery recently, but I see it slipping back into its old pattern of working/not working again.  The dishwasher is 10 years old and the refrigerator is 14 years old, so it is only a matter of time before those guys drop dead.

What exactly are the benefits of homeownership?

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