Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's not forget the girl

Because I was gonna go to bed after posting about the boys, but I felt pangs of guilt about not writing about N.....and lord knows it ain't good to lay in bed with guilt in one's heart.

When N was little, she was reserved and clung to my legs at every new situation and person.  It drove me bonkers.

Now, at age 7 (or almost 7-and-a-half, as she likes to remind me), she talks to everyone and anyone and runs her mouth a zillion miles a minute.  About what?  I have absolutely no clue, but she is yappin' nonetheless.

When she was little I called her Bug.  She recently asked if I would start calling her that again, and I told her I would, although I thought "Mouth" or "Fidget" would be more appropriate given her chattiness and her ability to not sit still for even 3 minutes at mealtimes.

My big girl and first baby started second grade this past week.
I feel like I should just go ahead and pull out my wedding dress for her to try on.
Time is flying, especially when you have a 2nd grader jawin' at ya constantly.

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Kelsey said...

She looks so grown up Carrie! Even to me, and I guess I haven't know you guys that many years...

Hope you are getting into your school routines - the new normal.

Harper has never been particularly shy but she grows more bold each year as well.