Friday, February 29, 2008

Hemorrhaging Money

It really, really sucks ass when D gets paid on a Thursday, I pay the mortgage and gas/electric bill and visit the grocery on Friday and have approximately 23 cents left to spread throughout the next 2 weeks.

And we are, I suppose, snug firmly in the middle class demographic.

Jeez--these prices are killing me. It used to be I could buy a week's worth of staples--cereal, lunch meat and cheese, milk, bread, etc--for about $50 a week. That has jumped to like $80 a week.

I am so hating the economy right now. Oh well, I imagine everyone is in similar straits...or at least that is what the business section of the newspaper suggests.

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Tricia said...

This issue is constant with me Carrie and utterly pisses me off. In B's baby book (2002) I wrote that the price of gas was $1.46.