Sunday, October 31, 2010

Minor illness and other physical issues in our household

Here is what I've noticed about how men & women handle minor illnesses, like colds.  Women just 1. suffer in silence or 2. go about their business and men either 1. whine or 2. maintain this look of "Good god I'm this close to death."  

On Thursday, Oct 21, G and M started with cold symptoms.  When G was 2 and got a cold he whined and whined and whined, screaming "Nose tuffy" when he wanted me to wipe the snot dripping out.  At age 3, he is only slightly less annoying.  Now he screams, "Wipe my nose!"

M is uber-clingy and fussy and an even shittier sleeper when he is congested and has an ear infection.  

D, who now has this same cold, doesn't say much, but he drexes around the house with a look on his face that borders on catatonic.  And he has required an afternoon nap both yesterday and today.  


I'm not denying this particular cold is a bitch.  I had it last week.  My nose ran and ran, and I felt extremely congested and was going to bed quite early in a vain attempt to get some sleep (which M screwed up because he was extremely congested.) 

Moms don't get a pass due to illness.  A month or so ago I had a stomach bug.  And guess who sat in the rocking chair, nursing M at 11:00 at night, with her head hanging over the side wretching onto the carpet?  And had to clean up her own mess the next day when she still felt like poop?  

Just sayin.  

Ok, so this cold has now made it's way around the house, resulting in 1 day off from school for N, an ear infection for each boy, 2 naps for D, and an even more irritable than normal me.  

And cold & flu season has only just begun.  Huzzah!

M is scheduled for his tubes on Tuesday.  I am praying for a miracle of lots of uninterrupted sleep as a result, as well as fewer visits to the clinic. 

And my ovaries are alive & kickin' once again, dammit!  In the last 46 months, I'd had only 2 periods due to back-to-back pregnancies and breastfeeding.  

So now in addition to fussy males with colds and a continued lack of sleep, I now have to deal with PMS.  



Kelsey said...

Have I told you before that a good friend of mine thinks the man v. woman handling on sickness has everything to do w/ our monthly cycles? Can you IMAGINE what men would be like if they had to deal w/ that every month?!

Hope you're better soon. Having a child w/ pneumonia in Sept. made me feel totally freaked out about cold/flu season this year.

Kelsey said...

Oh, P.S., I will NaBloPoMo and I'll read yours too, even if I don't comment every time.

Keri said...

I'm biting my tongue here, since I tend to empathize with your hubby. :-)

And sorry about your ovaries. I had a similar experience to yours (only more extended, since I had 3 pregnancies and a miscarriage back-to-back), and I remember when I knew my sabbatical was over. It sucks, no two ways about it.