Sunday, August 29, 2010

They make me laugh

My kids have been on a funny streak the past week or so.  Saying or doing cute things.

G will be 3 in a month, so he is chock full of amusing insights, interesting pronunciations, and wicked cute comebacks.  Like the other day I asked him to bring me the dvd remote.  He brought it over, and I said, "Oh you found it.  You're so smart."  He replied, "No, I cute."

Later that day he said something in the car I couldn't understand.  I can't remember if I asked again what he said or if he just noticed the puzzled silence in the car, but he responded, "I know wha I talk about."

G loves sweets and treats of all kinds.  One day when I asked what he wanted to eat he asked, "Can I have some junk?"

And then today when he and N were playing Barbies with D, he kept asking D to "Make him tall," whenever the Ken doll would be in a sitting position and G wanted him to stand back up again.

N is mostly attitude but she is developing physical abilities that I have been trying to jot down.

Within the past few weeks, N learned how to blow bubbles when chewing gum.  She has a serious addiction to gum, so I don't purchase it too often---she goes through a pack a day.  Tonight she wowed us with her hula-hooping skills which have gone from good to great since last summer.

And when she was playing Barbies with the guys one of the dolls was on top of D's head (I'm not sure why).  But the "doll" said, "Man, this is deep."  (referring to D's hair)

Last but not least is M, the slobbery, funky-crawling mess of a baby, who is pulling up on everything.  He don't say much that is funny, and his physical abilities are pretty lame, but he is a total doll.


Kelsey said...

Wow - what a picture! :-)

The G stories really made me laugh. I sometimes wonder if we'll miss that phase with Michael because his ideas may be more developed by the time his speech catches up with his thoughts.

Keri said...

Thanks for the chuckles! :-)