Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yes...................Actually, no. A better game than Flip the Poops.

My kids love to play this game.  They play it when they are distracted by the television, as well as when I am directly in their grills.

There are many variations of it, but all variations end up with me gnashing my teeth, unable to undo what has been done as a result of the "yes" response during the game's play.

Some of the most played variations in our home are:

Me:  "Do you want me to cut your grilled cheese?"
Kid:  "Yes.........."
Me:  Cuts the grilled cheese into squares.
Kid:  "Actually, no."

Me: "Do you want milk in your cereal?"
Kid: "Yes.........."
Me: Pours milk in the cereal.
Kid:  "Actually, no."

Me: "Do you want butter on your bread?"
Kid: "Yes........."
Me: Spreads butter on the bread.
Kid: "Actually, no."  

Me: "Do you want me to peel your banana?"
Kid: "Yes......"
Me: Peels the banana.
Kid: "Actually, no."

This game is played multiple times a day in our house, by all the kids.  When I lose, and I always lose, a tantrum ensues if I am playing against G or M.  N just gives me "The Look."  

Sometimes I try to win by asking the question twice.  Never works.  I still lose. 

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