Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She gets it from her momma

Since I was a girl, I have been told I am a good writer.
I think my daughter might hear this a bit as she grows up.
Tonight she wrote the following 2-and-a-half page (double spaced) story using her spelling words.
I'm pretty impressed with it since she's only in 2nd grade.

A Silly Fairytale story

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a farm.  And that farm had alot of dark art work.  The park they had was very delightful and sweet.  A person named Lorax had a car made out of an actuall star!  Lorax was a man who worked a movie theatre.  His part was to start the movie by telling some jokes.  Alot of people wore dark clothes, but not Lorax.  Lorax wore crazy socks every day and always had crystals and stars on his shirt.  It was hard to get dressed everyday and put all his jokes together for work.  He had to keep writing jokes so much that his arm hurt.  He started to work for the Easter Bunny!  When the Easter Bunny said yes, a disco ball and some music suddenly apeered and they had A ROCKING AWESOME PARTY!!!

Parka's appeared on their bodies and it started to rain!  They took those parka's off and a scarf appeered on both of them.  The scarves had many properties like rough fabric, and fluffy fringe.  The words rough and fluffy that I just used are called textures.  The scarf's luster would be sparkly.  The sun was shining on the sparkles so it looked like crystals.  The Easter Bunny pulled of his scarf and it ripped.  Lorax told him that it wasn't durable.  They did all that the day before Easter.  They all had a happy easter.  Especially Lorax!

Happy Easter!

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