Friday, March 16, 2012


Blame it on waiting for Aunt Flo.
Blame it on the boredom of checking Facebook only to see endless strings of posts about college basketball which might as well be written in Sumerian as far as I'm concerned.

Mostly it is waiting for Aunt Flo.

Every single solitary March I think to myself, "Gee, Carrie, perhaps you should go live in a commune for people who have no effing interest whatsoever in college basketball."  Because every single solitary year many, many people in my part of the world lose their minds over games in a fit of mass hysteria.

Truly, I don't hate basketball or any sport, per se.  I simply have zero interest.  (I am a freak of nature because I also have zero interest in watching broadcast television either.  I've never watched Grey's Anatomy or Modern Family or Dancing With People Who Used to Be Famous and Now Just Need to Supply Their Coke Habit).

If one or two or all of my children develop an interest in sports I will most certainly also develop an interest in it and knowledge of it.  Because my love for my children is far greater than my lack of interest.  I never thought I would know who Ratchet and Starscream are, but I do and that is fine.

What I do enjoy is poking gentle fun at all the sports talk. All the blood pressure spikes people experience over men in shorts dribbling balls.  I mean, dribbling is simply a funny word.  Any word that also describes what my 4-year-old does when he stands at the commode to pee is funny.

So I guess this is my sorta half-assed apology to friends and acquaintances who adore their college hoops.  Go on about your madness while I write stupid comments that are funny only to me and the 3 or 4 other people in this state who should also live in my commune.

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