Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why I hate this summery weather when it isn't even spring

1. Brings out my latent Cassandra complex:

I don't know whether my anxiety over the warm, record-breaking weather is a sign that I am cursed like Cassandra with the ability to prophesy the end of days as a result of global warming or just my natural tendency to worry about things over which I have zero control.  Regardless, I feel like I am constantly in low-grade panic over whether the dinosaurs' extinction was caused by global weather changes and how likely it is that we humans will succumb to the same fate before I die.  If it happens after I die...well, so what?  But before I die is a real problem.  

2. Makes my decent closet-spaced house look pathetic:

When I was a kid, my mother kept our off-season clothing in big barrels in the basement.  She wouldn't crack them open until there was absolutely no doubt that the weather had completely and totally changed for good.  Which was usually mid-May.  My current home has pretty decent closet space, but it is still the pits having every imaginable stitch of clothing out and about because we never know whether we'll need our jeans and hoodies or shorts and t-shirts on any given day between March and late May.  Or layers of all these aforementioned clothes.

3. Results in fighting over what not to wear:

As a general rule, I'm not going to fight over clothing with my kids.  As long as their butts are covered and they aren't breaking school rules, I'm good.  But this warm weather in March gives N the bug to rummage through the bin of spring/summer clothes, which wouldn't be a problem if she didn't decide two minutes before leaving for the school bus that she MUST change clothes.  She can change her clothes 16 times before school if she wishes, but she needs to get that junk done before standing on the porch with her backpack and shoes on.

4. Makes me feel semi-menopausal:

I'm running warm and cool and chasing around/lugging around the boys day-in and day-out on a cold day.  So when the day begins cool and then warms up and then a rain shower comes through causing the temperature to drop a good 20 degrees, I feel like I'm doing prep work for menopause.  

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