Friday, March 30, 2012

Who needs Pinterest?

I don't know much about Pinterest.  Given what a time suck Facebook is to me, I'm none too eager to discover more about Pinterest.  I know friends who get lots of cool ideas for home decor and baking and such from it.

But I don't need Pinterest because I have really cool ideas of my own.

Like this for N's room.

I took an old shelf from the garage and used decoupage glue to put small pieces of tissue paper all over it.  I purchased unpainted wood letters and 2 painted cutesy wood attachments (cost around $3 total).  Then I painted the letters, and used gorilla glue to attach it all.  I nailed in a wall-hanger to the back and voila!  A cute initial picture.

N had drawn some pictures and taped them to the closet, which looked messy, so I bought a $5 piece of thin aluminum and cut it into strips. I then used gorilla glued magnets to the back of glass beads.  I screwed the aluminum strips onto her closet and now she has a neat way to hang her drawings in her room.

I also nailed a strip into her bookshelf, which she can use for her reading log.

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