Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drowning in a sea of Girl Scout cookies

Even though I had a rough start getting going as N's troop leader due to this, it seems that we are now in a nice little routine and enjoying ourselves (except when this happens).  The girls are earning as many patches as they can legitimately earn in order to make up for the dearth of patches they earned the past 2 years.  I am planning for them to have a little "Art Gallery" of their paintings (for their painting patch work) and do a small ceremony whereby my co-leader and I bestow on them their great abundance of patches since they have never had any kind of ceremonial anything before.  I thought it would be nice for moms/dads/siblings/grandparents to come.

The only downside to this troop leader business is......
the 200-odd Girl Scout cookie boxes sitting in my dining room.  

Now some people might look at this "problem" as a godsend.  How is it possible, Carrie, that you are totally PMSing and not eating a box an hour?  Having just eaten 2 highly unsatisfying bowls of Rice Krispies in an attempt to not eat anything chocolate should give a clear indication of just how amazing my willpower is.  

We originally thought the former troop leader's daughter was going to remain involved in the troop, but she never came back so that messed with our numbers a bit.  And then last weekend there was a basketball game going on when we were selling at a cookie booth, and basketball trumps everything, evidently.  (I need to find a country that doesn't go bananas over sports and move there.)

So N and I went out and about into the neighborhood tonight, with Girl Scout cookies in the wagon for pete's sake.  Because who can resist Girl Scout cookies when they are sitting right there at your feet, begging to be taken inside your home and devoured?

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