Thursday, March 1, 2012

A business-related pet peeve

I have a serious problem with business names.  Not every business name but the ones that either try to be "novel" or ones that don't try to be novel enough.

There is a hair salon sign I notice that is spelled EclipZ.  And every time I see it in my head I say, "E-clip-Z.  E-clip-Z....what does that even mean????"  But it is meant to be read as "Eclipse" because the sign also shows a crescent moon.  So I totally get the hair salon connection to "clip," but the rest of it sucks.

Another sign I noticed was "Quala Care," and it was a daycare center.  What sent me over the edge was not the spelling but the picture of a KOALA to the left of the words.  So I don't know if this daycare is meant to be a QUALITY daycare and so did a little funny thing with the "qual" or if it is a KOALA daycare whose owner has no fucking idea how to spell.  Suffice it to say, if I was in the market for a daycare center, this place would not be on my list.  Ever.

Every day on the way to pick up N after school, I pass another daycare called 'Drop a Tot."  I don't think I even need to discuss how poorly named this place is.  CPS should shut it down.

Even though these places are poorly named (or spelled or whatever), I do have to give them credit for trying to be original.  Unlike lots of other businesses, like Dick & Jane's Reading Nook, and Bert & Ernie's Puppet Shop, and Turner & Hooch's Animal Training Center.

Now I can mark this off my in-car list I keep of things that drive me nuts.


xxx Hannah xxx said...

Drop a Tot?! Are you serious?!!! x

April said...

Up in Des Moines, IA there is a chain of daycares named "Koalaty Time"...meaning "Quality Time"....I would never leave my kid there b/c of how stupid the name is! When I lived there it actually made me want to punch the sign every time I drove by!

Keri said...

Too funny. Thanks for the laughs.

Drop a Tot. Wonder who the genius was behind that one?