Sunday, March 25, 2012

More ass-ish-ness

I simply cannot help myself.  I have to poke fun of the whole March Madness stuff.  It is just tooo good for a non-sports-minded person.  And fortunately my basketball loving friends have a good sense of humor and haven't defriended me.  Yet.

Here are some of my recent FB posts:

I want the good guys to win.
What are they fighting about anyway?

(Since I don't root for any particular teams, I would like good to reign over evil.)

I write cards and read cards. But I don't watch cards. They are kinda dull, just sitting there.
(A whole bunch of folks were making comments about the University of Louisville's Cards, so I had to throw in my 2 cents.)

My brackets look fine. [ See. ]
This is the only kind of bracket I understand.  

GO Honey badgers!! Wooooo! Hooooo!
(All of these animal-themed team names.  I thought I'd root for an animal that doesn't get a whole lot of media coverage.)

If I hadn't had 2 glasses of wine, I might be able to make some witty comment about the verbal basketball orgasms posted all over FB.

(Because there is no end to the Ahhhhhs and Ooooooos and other sexy sounds over b-ball.)

Who cares? (Everyone else but me....and my husband.)

(Whenever D is driving me bat-shit nuts, I remember that he doesn't give a rat's ass about sports and that is one of the main reasons I liked him to begin with.)

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