Thursday, March 8, 2012

Queen of TMI

There are two things I won't talk about.  One is the reason I painted my bathrooms poop brown (although my MIL knows why, and she and I have discussed it).

Another is a memory from childhood.

There are some things I am not allowed to talk about on this blog, per my husband.  He got peevish after I posted about something dumb he did.  I abide by his wishes, but I still talk about him with my momma and all my friends.

Beyond that, everything else is pretty much fair game.  With anyone.

The ladies I work out with twice a week often blanch whenever I get going.  I think the last time they gave me the "TMI" look was when I talked about how G had a recent foreskin infection and how I told him he needs to go to the bathroom with Pa (this summer when my whole family is on vacation together) so he can see how another uncut dude looks.  It is hard to explain to G that his parts look just like daddy's parts except daddy's parts aren't covered with skin like G's and M's are.  I don't think he quite gets it.

Part of this openness about most everything is just my personality.

Part of this is that I haven't gone to the bathroom without an audience in 8 years.  There is no keeping private parts private when one has no privacy.

Part of this is that I have been told numerous times that my honesty is one of the best things about me....that people feel much more normal after hearing my stories or reading my blog.  I think they have meant this in a complimentary way, although as I typed it, it did dawn on me that perhaps they mean that my nuttiness and uncouth ramblings make them feel stellar in comparison.


I'm not squeamish, and I never have been.  It takes far too much energy for me to consider propriety.
I would have made a horrible Victorian.

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