Friday, March 9, 2012

How children are like tornadoes

As spring approaches these parts, and with recent tornadoes nearby doing some serious destruction, it occurred to me this evening, which is a repeat of Wednesday evening (though tonight N flipped out because her iPod shuffle's earbuds kept falling out of her ears and G flipped out because he wanted more cheese on his pizza slice, that children are very much like tornadoes.

Their violence, loudness, tantrums truly don't last long.  But it feels like forever.  Afterwards you are exhausted, as if your body and emotions have been slammed by drywall and steel beams.  You are spent...wondering how you are going to go on.  How you are going to face tomorrow when the fallout from this one lay all around you in shreds?  When you know that tomorrow another whirling wind of screaming and crying and flailing on the floor  could blow through because the weather where you live (with children in your home) is unstable.

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