Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where do you want to go for lunch?

This seems like such a simple question.

One day last week, I asked G where he wanted to go for lunch.  Nana was over, and we had been running errands for much of the morning.  Initially, G had answered, "Burger King."  As I completed my errands, I asked, "So, you want to go to Burger King?"

G said, "No."

I asked, "So where do you want to go?"

G replied, "The place with the blue roof."

I think I just stared dumbly.  (Is dumbly even a word?  If it is not, it should be because that is how I stared.)

I repeated, "The place with the blue roof??"

G said, "Yes.  And the fish."

Me:  "What?"

G: "The place with the blue roof and the fish......and the light."

Me:  Staring dumbly again.

G: "You know, the place with the blue roof, and the fish and the light.  Near our house."

Now close to our house is a Moby Dick restaurant but G has never, ever eaten there.  Having no earthly idea what or where he was talking about, I just started driving and asked him to please point it out if he saw the restaurant.

We drove past the Moby Dick (which DOES have a blue roof and DOES have a picture of a whale on it which a 4-year-old might mistake for a fish and not a mammal), and I asked if that was the place.  He said, as if talking to a complete moron, "NO!  It's the place with the light. Near our house.  With the ducks."


By Zeus!  I had it!!  I knew exactly where he wanted to go for lunch.

Long John Silvers, which has a blue roof and a fish, and Taco Bell, which has a bell that G thought was a light.

This particular YUM restaurant is located near this:

One day after the kids had their bi-annual dental visit, I picked up lunch at Taco Bell since N was missing her lunch time at school, and drove the kids to a nearby corporate office which has a nice lake, waterfall, bridge, walking path and oodles and oodles of ducks.  We sat in the car with the doors open, enjoying the weather and watching the ducks peer into the minivan.

All of this---the YUM restaurant and corporate office with path, bridge and lake--are within 5 minutes of our house.

G knew what he was talking about the entire time.


xxx Hannah xxx said...

Gotta love the way kids process information! Glad you had a good meal (in the end!) xx

Keri said...

Hee hee! This made me laugh! :-) Glad you were finally able to interpret his desire.