Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras Girl Scout style

N's Girl Scout troop attended a Mardi Gras dance this past weekend.  They had a blast!

All N wanted to do was bust her moves.  She wasn't interested in eating or doing the crafts.  She was all about "Shaking It Up."

(She was not dancing with headless children
 although my desire to ensure other's privacy makes it appear that way.)

Seeing N dance and dance AND dance made me think of my days in elementary school and made me feel a kinship with my own mother who spent years watching me dance in school talent shows and at the mall and in recitals.

With N turning 8 this weekend, I have become increasingly aware that I remember virtually nothing of her as an infant/toddler.  It is hard for me to connect the girl I see with the baby in pictures.  I am just so used to her as she is today.  I sometimes mourn a bit for that time, for the days when I could hold all of her in my lap and snuggle, as I do with M now.

But there is much to enjoy now, and I try to focus on the delightfulness of that fact.  I try to focus on seeing her have fun as a young elementary-age girl, dancing until she is red in the face and sweaty.

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