Monday, February 13, 2012

Just whatever

Not much going on round these parts, which is quite nice.  I've been hell-bent on getting some things done and completely put to bed because I am just so stinkin' tired of them hanging over my head.  I am quite certain this enjoyment of calm will be short-lived, and I will find some new project or volunteer thing to do.

****In January, here is something that made my OCD soul a little happy.  This is what my lazy-Susan cabinet looked like before:  my flour in gallon-size ziploc bags; no order to any of it.  

And now thanks to Harriet Carter, my cabinet looks like this, which might not seem like much of an improvement, but it feels huge.  

****One of my projects is to do a home inventory so in case our home is ever destroyed in a fire or we are burglarized, we have a thorough list of everything we own.  I got the model and serial number off of every appliance, every tv/dvd/xbox/speaker/technological whatnot and emailed them to D.  I have been taking pictures of all our furnishings that do not have model/serial numbers.  I have been attempting to scan receipts for all big-ticket items.  

Right now on iPhoto, there are a bunch of pictures like this hanging around.

Wow, an almost 15-year-old chair and ottoman with enough cat hair on it to knit a sweater.   Worth a fortune!

****It occurred to me at some point last month that I should take a photo of M with his dog Scout.  He sleeps with him every night.  M goes through spells when he ignores the dog, and then he will decide he wants Scout to go with us everywhere.  When N was a toddler she had 2 little bears that she still sleeps with.  G never had a stuffed animal lovey.  It is nice that M has carried on the tradition a bit.

****D celebrated his 43rd birthday.  I made Greek spice cake for the adults and cupcakes for the kids.  I love it that the kids so love birthdays.

****G and M, when they aren't killing each other, are turning into really good buddies.

We will soon be doing what I hope is the last round of musical beds (version 1 and version 2) in this house---moving N into her own room (which is now M's nursery) and putting both the boys in the larger bedroom.

Bedtime has become a farce because N wants to read chapter books.  Due to their age, neither of the boys have any interest in chapter books.  If I am attempting to read to N while G is sitting with us in her bed, he gets bored and proceeds to flop like a fish or jam his finger into my belly button to see just how deep it will go or simply get out of bed and go disturb M in his room.

M can stand to read in bed with me, N and G but only until his book is complete---then he starts doing the fish flopping routine, eventually climbing out of bed and saying, "Da-ee, Come!," beckoning to D with his hand.  (D sits in the rocking chair reading Twitter, waiting for all hell to break loose and me to instruct him on where to take whomever is being especially disruptive or for M to give him the "Let's go into my room" command.)

****As I mentioned in another post, M's latest thing is to "Peck" his own clothes.  And he always, always selects pajamas.  This was his choice one day last week.

****Last night G had a sleepover with my mom and dad.  N was supposed to go but she ended up sick over the weekend and today so G went on his own.  Boy, the house was so quiet and peaceful.  G stepped in the door and it was back to screeching and fighting and tears.  I think we know who is Mr. Excitement around here.

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Keri said...

*Love the lazy susan cabinet make-over! I can only imagine your joy as you reach for an ingredient there these days!

*I also hope that your bed-switching is over for a very long while! Must be a royal pain to do all of that moving around.

*Glad that your boys are becoming friends some of the time. I'm sure they'll grow even closer as the years go on, and you'll delight in watching their friendship grow (in-between wrestling matches and thrown punches).